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Profession Fromager

Cheese ripening guide

Cheese ripening guide

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How to bring a soft curd with a bloomy mold rind to its optimum taste? How to get a creamy layer under the rind? When is it more appropriate to use static or ventilated refrigeration? How to inoculate a ripening cellar? How to make a smear?

So many questions which this practical guide aims to answer.

One of a kind, sometimes reference technical work and sometimes fieldwork, this guide provides concrete and pragmatic answers for all the big cheese families.
Written in simple language and accessible, it thus alternates general scientific knowledge, practical tips, implementation diagrams, testimonials from professionals, diagnostics, and defect resolution sheets...
To those who want to embark on ripening, it will give the keys to understanding and reaction. To those who already practice this art where the sense of the observation is preponderant, it will bring new insights and will allow them to perfect their practice.
Authors: Arnaud Sperat-Czar is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine « Profession Fromager ». Sébastien Roustel, technologist and trainer, is in charge of development of cheese technology at CHR-Hansen. He was previously the head of the Research and Development Department of Enilbio in Poligny. Débora Pereira is a journalist, a researcher in information sciences, and collaborator of « Profession Fromager». She runs the association «Sertaobras», which works to promote the Brazilian cheese heritage.
The book benefited from the advice and careful reading of Bernard Mietton, a renowned French technologist.
172 pages


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