What is the basic equipment to make your cheese at home?

Here are some essential items to get started in at home cheese making.

For the cheese lover

  • A thick-bottomed cauldron capable of holding a large amount of milk. If you can get your hands on a pot with a non-stick bottom, that's a plus.
  • A strainer to separate the whey from the curds, a freestanding strainer to free your hands is a must.
  • A pierced spoon that will be used to mix and remove the curd that ends up in the strainer.
  • A long knife for cutting the curd.
  • A measuring cup.
  • A kitchen thermometer.
  • Cheesecloth sheet.
  • A large bowl.
  • Versatile moulds or specially designed for the type of cheese you want to get.
  • Cleaning materials to sterilizing equipment and work surfaces, cheesemakers like good bacteria, not bad ones!

For the cheese maker who wants to go to the next level

You can get plenty of items that will allow you to acquire more precision and get professional results.

An electric vat

To replace the "cauldron & stove" combination, which will allow you to increase your production, your accuracy and gain in efficiency.

Dedicated moulds

These moulds, specially designed for each type of cheese, allow you to get a professional-looking finished product and increase the quality of the cheese.

Layout of an aging room

But that's another story. If you want to jump on this great adventure, you can read more about it here.

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